About Off Guard Games

We make high quality games with immersive worlds.

Our games are designed to captivate your attention and provoke wonder, possibility, and sometimes childlike joy. We spend a lot of time deciding how to blend fiction and mechanics in a pleasing way so that the story you tell with our games is reflected on the sheets and within the rules. Games are not only our hobby, they’re our passion, and we hope we can share that passion with you.

You can follow Off Guard Games on Twitter at @offguardgames.

John LeBoeuf-Little


John LeBoeuf-Little is a dire, wooly, game-designer found on Colorado random encounter charts. He’s a shy herbivore, who forms strong bonds if befriended. He has 4 levels of Programmer, 3 levels of Game designer, and a d8 hit die. He was first encountered circa 2007 in design circles, and can drop old indie games on his loot chart. His favorite foods are bouts of roller derby and whiskey.

Stras Acimovic


Stras is a game-designing cryptid. In previous editions, the elusive Stras appeared on encounter charts all around the world, but post 2010 you can only encounter one when rolling a 6 on random encounter charts in central Colorado, and west coast Game Conventions. He has 2 levels of Programmer, 4 of Game Designer, and a d6 hit die. Stras was first encountered circa 2009 in indie gaming circles, but there are records of him found as early as the 90s. Stras’ favorite foods are PbtA and FitD games. He can cast animal friendship at will, and appears in encounters with 0-2 cats of the domestic short-hair variety.