Unwise deals. Blaster fights.
High adventure among the stars.

Welcome to the world of

Scum and Villainy

Scum and Villainy is a Forged in the Dark game about a spaceship crew trying to make ends meet under the iron-fisted rule of the Galactic Hegemony.

Work with the members of your crew to thrive despite powerful criminal syndicates, warring noble families, dangerous aliens, and strange mystics. Explore the ruins of lost civilizations for fun and profit. Can your motley crew hold it together long enough to strike it big and insure your fame across the sector?

“The book is bound beautifully and the pages are slick. I love the artwork and style of the entire layout. It’s easy to reference and carry around. Beam me up!“

—Rusty Shackleford on Amazon.com

A clear gameplay structure that puts the focus on the criminal undertakings of the crew.

A session of play consists of a job followed by recovery, downtime projects, and advancement.

Character and ship types to help create a unique and interesting crew at light speed.

“Great setting, hilarious rules. The intertextuality is beautiful.”

—Noe B. on DriveThruRPG

Ship “character sheets” that allow for XP spends, upgrades, and leveling up alongside your characters.

Crew advancement opportunities to reflect the change from a ragtag group barely flying in the black to a reputed crew that has built a name across the sector.

“For both longtime rpg fans and newcomers, this system will give you back just as much as you put in. It really is a great framework for telling a story where basically anything that happens…. At the same time, the rules don’t get in the way of the story.”

—B. Wegley on Amazon.com

Forged in the Dark tools to help keep the focus on the action of the job rather than the extensive planning needed to make it happen.

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